NYFW: The Dress for When You Don’t Want to Get Dressed


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Dress: ASOS (Love this print too!); Shoes: Zara (Similar); Bag: Phillip Lim; Necklace: Bauble Bar; Bow Cuff: Bauble Bar; Monogrammed Cuff: Bauble Bar; Sunglasses: Burberry, old; Nails: OPI Big Apple Red

Sometimes, you just don’t want to get dressed and look cute, but you have to.

And sometimes those clothes you chose to wear, you don’t want to be touching your body.

And then the more you think about it,  you really don’t even want to wear a thong (boy shorts, all day, everyday, please!) or for that matter, put on a bra.

And that is where this dress comes into play…

It was about halfway through Fashion Week, and I was supremely tired, and in one of those moods where the only thing I wanted to do was sit in sweatpants and eat Chipotle (which I managed to get later that day!)….but instead, I had a jam packed schedule and had to pull it together.  Thankfully, I had thrown this dress into my suitcase in the final panicked moment of packing, and it seriously saved the day. No to the bra!  Yes to the boyshorts! Add some great accessories! And I was set.

What do you wear when you aren’t in the mood to look cute?


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  • Linda O.

    Haha love it! So much chicer than a mumu! Perfect dress!


  • Stephanie

    Those shoes & that necklace.. To die. I can’t. I love

  • Ashlee

    You should not be rocking a dress that looks like it should be in the maternity section. Not flattering on you. Makes you look big and wide.

  • Gizem

    I love your outfits! 🙂

  • Kelli

    Courtney –
    You blow my mind! I’d put this dress on and look ridiculous, but as usual, you look amazing! Thank you for being a fashion inspiration to me and being a down home Texas gal. You inspired me to start my own blog earlier this year and I’m loving it.

  • TrishCF

    I’m sorry, but this dress doesn’t say “I don’t want to get dressed”. It screams “I don’t care”! You are a lovely person, but this dress is devouring you!

  • Veloria in Velvet

    Love it!! Perfect for a blah day but needing to pull it together and look chic 🙂

    Veloria in Velvet

  • Jessica

    You pull off “potato sack” dress quite well! Loving the shoes!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  • Berty Morales

    In love with your “potato sack”. Only you can rock something like this, I don’t think I could LOL. Also adoring the shoes and the rest of your accessories.

  • Tiffany Elam

    You look very put together!

  • Megan

    I am such a sucker for oversized attire. Love the statement necklace, everything together still feels polished!


  • Alyssa//Runway Chef

    Definitely had one of those days during FW too! Wish I could have pulled something like this off…you are seriously rockin’ this piece like nobody’s business!

  • Lindsay

    I need to have a dress for days that suck. And this one is so cute. Love the necklace.


  • Marie

    Saw you in NYC the day you wore this at Cynthia Rowley’s show….loved the dress and the way you styled it. Perfection!

  • Charlie

    Listen – guys do not want to see a girl (or you) in this dress ever. It’s miserable. It screams – I’m lazy and after the first few months of dating say good bye to bj’ers or me getting on top. Guys want to see ‘dat ass and ‘dem titties – even if they are small (or if you have puffy nips). A dress like this says, “maybe I’m skinny now, but wait until we get married, then I’m really not going to give a shit and you are going to be miserable”. Just thought I’d chime in with some advice for the girls out there reading the blog and for you (if you are still looking to snag a guy).

  • Allison

    Love you in this! I have it too for days I feel blah. The comment above is beyond btw….

  • Melanie

    I think that this is definetly a case of being blinded by a label. Just because it’s from a designer that usualy puts out cute stuff, it doesnt mean that every piece is cute. I don’t picture you like this if it wasnt from a famous label.

  • Sandra

    at first glance, I was like wtf? alas, you have me sold on this dress. And now I want my own…

  • Rebekah

    Totally bought this dress. Love it! ? How should I style it for rainy Seattle weather?