Prada Marfa

Top: c/o Threadsence, old (Identical shirt from ASOS here); Jeans: Urban Outfitters, old; Tres Cool Sweater: ASOS; Hat: Forever 21, old (Similar); Booties: c/o ShoeMint; Turquoise Ring: Kendra Scott, old; Cross Thumb Ring: House of Harlow; Watch: Michael Kors; Bangles: Charming Charlie, old; Texas Necklace: Maya Brenner; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


Welcome to Marfa, Texas.

Its a town of roughly 2,000 people  There is one blinking stoplight.  And word on the street is that if you tell someone a rumor at the post office, your mama will know it by the time you get back home.

Oh, and did I mention there is a free standing Prada Museum out in the middle of nowhere?!  Yeah, talk about random.

But for some reason, this quaint West Texas town has been on my mind for 5 years.  I have dreamt of the pictures I would take in front of Prada, the friends who would accompany me, and how much I would dread the 9-hour road trip (Flaming Hot Cheetos, Starbucks, and a kickass iPod are the primary essentials to make it more bearable)!

Now looking back with this memory-filled weekend under my belt, it was all I fantasized about and more…..and the best part of it all?

I got to share it with 3 of the most incredible women I know…Tori, Katie, & Thais!

Where’s the best place you and your girls have gone for a weekend getaway?!


  • Neris

    this is the coolest museum ever! love the photos 🙂


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  • Luana

    I loved it!!!
    I’m posting looks from L.A. and accessories:

  • eelsayp

    OMG I’ve heard of it ha ha That is so cool! Love all of your guys looks!


  • She Said He Said

    You are so funny Courtney! I love that this has been on your bucket list, who wouldn’t want to see a free standing Prada museum, except for maybe my bf, but I would drag him anyways! Love that you shared your beautiful photos! So random and so fun, I am SO SURE it was worth the 9 hour car ride! Can’t wait to see more from your adventure!


  • Nina

    Great pictures! I’ve been dying to make the trip up there but the drive is just a little too intimidating. Thanks for sharing! xx

  • Ashlee

    Ahh! So jealous! This is so awesome, this makes me want to plan a road trip with all my girlfriends to Marfa! Pictures look amazing! Thanks for sharing!


  • Lindsay LeCesne

    I live in Dallas and want to make a trip to Marfa so bad just to see this museum!

  • Tiffany Elam

    Yay! I cannot wait for Courtney Loves Dallas!!!!


  • Kelly

    What great photos! This must have been an awesome trip and I can not wait to watch your show on Bravo!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I Showed Up in Boots

    I have seen so many pictures of this Prada building and had no idea it was a museum, much less in TEXAS! Yee haw to that! Thanks for sharing:)

  • Allie

    Can’t wait for your new show to air! So excited!!

  • Diana

    ah I’ve always wanted to visit this piece! i love the story behind it and the sheer randomness that it is. the last picture is adorable!

    xo Diana

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  • Ali

    It’s not a museum or a store… it’s an art installation by artists Elmgreen and Dragset. They consider it a “sculpture.” You can’t even go inside because the door isn’t functional. If you’re going to drive 9 hours and pose with it, at least know these basics! It’s very well known that it’s a work of art and has no connection to the actual Prada fashion house.

    • Courtney

      All information that I already knew, given the fact I actually saw it and read the plaque that sits at the location explaining its origin!

      • Ali

        “Oh, and did I mention there is a free standing Prada Museum out in the middle of nowhere?! Yeah, talk about random.”

        Well, you didn’t say any of that. I was just explaining for the commenters who seem to have no clue what it is! Not trying to be snarky, just clarifying!

        • Texas

          Courtney: You also completely missed (or at least ignored) the point of the installation. As the artists themselves have said: “The work is a poignant critique of our contemporary consumer culture” and is meant to highlight the direct and subliminal influence of corporations. In fact, the long-term goal for the installation is that it will deteriorate back into its surroundings. So the idea that you would have worn Michael Kors, Forever 21, and Ray-Bans to Prada Marfa — and then posed for pictures in front of it! — is just laughable. The whole point is to criticize the obsession that is central to your profession. Or maybe you understood that part, and the whole trip was one big joke?

          • Lee

            Also, the installation is well outside of Marfa in Valentine, TX. I remember it took me about 40 mins to drive out there.

  • jentay

    This kind of scares me. I can’t help but stare at it and try to figure something out. Cute pictures though, heard yall had a blast!

  • skylar

    I NEED your friends fur vest! Do you know where she got it? thanks!

  • Lauren

    Amazing pictures! What kind of camera do you use? If you have a sec, can you email me with the info? In the market for a camera….

    Thanks! Love everything about your blog and style

  • Janelle

    That is a damn stylish group right there! Pinning this immediately!


  • Jenna DeSantis


    You are so amazing at styling!!! I love this combo with the hat and floral jeans so much! And talk about the perfect place to have a style shoot! Awesome!

    XO Jenna

  • Jayne

    Can you tell us where you bought the grey cardigan with the hot pink back that you wore in this episode? LOVED it! Thanks

  • Allyson

    Wear did you get the grey and hot pink cardigan from this episode?

  • Heidi

    Defiantly putting this trip on my Texas to do list. Thanks for sharing!

  • Marina

    Does anyone know what salon Courtney goes to?! I’ve been trying to find a good colorist. This past color service was not so bueno!

  • Lory

    My cousins and I recently went to Fredericksburg, Texas. We traveled the wine trail. There are over 35 wineries in the vicinity. It was a great trip!!!! You should try it with your friends, Courtney. Your Marfa trip was fun! Nothing better than being with good friends!

  • erin

    Love It!

  • kylie & erin

    talk about really random! but we love it! the perfect place to take pictures + your outfit is fab!

    kylie & erin

  • Hope

    Just watched show. Being that I live in S. FL I don’t think I would make the trip to see this Marfa town but enjoyed viewing it through your trip. Looks like a fun to do marked off your list. Enjoyed the clothing as always! Thanks for sharing…:)

  • Crysta

    Love the pics and love your show! I’m dying to know where you got the vest you were wearing in last night’s episode. Mind sharing?


  • Casey

    Nola jazzfest 2013 YOLO!
    Best time ever, we are making it an annual trip!
    The countdown began the day we fly home.

  • Sofia

    This is so cool. I can’t believe it’s in the middle of nowhere.

    Happy Friday!

  • Mandi

    and don’t forget it is a place where you can almost go to jail for riding a bicycle in the middle of the street! 🙂 loved this episode!

  • Karina

    Awesome place and random I may add. I love your fashion and your place is so pretty with such vibrant colors. Keep up the postive and down to earth attitude. Great show …. Karina !

  • She Rocks Fitness

    Cannot wait to watch the episode tonight! Vegas is always a fabulous weekend with girlfriends and last year I did Wine Festival on Nantucket and that was pretty awesome. If you have a good group of girlfriends you can pretty much go anywhere and have a blast. XOXO

  • Susanne

    What an odd place. A Prada museum in the middle of the desert/nowhere. I can see why you wanted to go. Very interesting and at the same time a little disturbing. Oh well/It was something fun to do with your friends. I enjoyed the show.
    I am going to go somewhere that several won’t care for. I hope you don’t mind my opinion. I am in my mid 40’s and have had many many many (believe me many) weird, distrubing things happen with my ex’s. With the worst being cheated on. If what I am seeing on TV is all that is going on with Matt, I think you should give him another change IF you want to and IF you love him. Soul mates are hard to come by. He seems like he is trying hard to talk to you. Listen.

    Dunking out now…LOL!

    Good luck Courtney and have a great weekend.

  • Stephanie


    I just needed to let you know you have captured the hearts (and closets) of my sister and I; and trust me, that’s no easy feat. My sister and I are polar opposites, in fashion and every sense, and one of the few things we’ve bonded over and grown to love together is your show and now this blog. So, thank you! You’re a fashion inspiration and role model as a woman.

    Lots of love from some Midwestern gals in Michigan

  • Madeleine

    I LOVED your wine color hat in the above picture, but since it’s not available, where did your gf get her tan colored hat that was similar in the episode! Hope you’re having a better week then you were on the episode Courtney 🙂

  • Ashley Stokes


    You wear wearing a leopard envelope clutch (with gold spikes) in the episode and I need that. Where can I find it?

  • Shanna

    I ♥ her taste in clothes. She has such a great vibe about herself. My heart broke for her when her mom went in surgery. Good thing she has great friends. . I. Cant. Get enough of her show!

  • Natalia Ospina

    Seems like such a cool place to visit! Now I want to go!! 🙂


  • Lashonda Douglas

    Well Courtney…let me just start by saying that I love this blog! But as far as a girlfriend’s getaway I have yet to take one…but it is in the planning phase right now…at this time in my life I only have a small group of girlfriends that I trust and love with all my being and I’m almost positive that we would have the time of our lives…but I will definitely keep you posted!

    Thanks for letting us peek into your wonderful life 🙂

  • Sandra

    who would’ve thunk ? Wow, now I must go to Texas! Was there any explanation to why Prada chose that location to have a museum?

  • Angela

    Loved the gray (front) & hot pink (back) sweater you were wearing in last nights episode! Must have! Where is it from?

    Thanks so much!

    • Katie

      I love it too. In fact, you posted the same question but on episode 5 outfits & not here…

      Where is the cardigan from…must must find & purchase!

  • Nadia Cohen

    Hey Court, Just started watching your new show on Bravo; hilarious! I saw your other show: – Most Eligible Dallas – and that kiss in the hot tub between you and Matt was so steamy. I’m sad it didn’t work out for you two but keep it moving; you are super-talented.
    Have you seen the Prada storefront in Beverly Hills? Amazing!


  • Angela

    LOVED the sweater you were wearing in this episode: gray (front) & hot pink (back). Must have! Where is it from?

    Thanks so much!

    Continued success to you! You’re fabulous!!

  • sara

    Where did you get the open sweater cardigan with the pink back? Super Cute! You were wearing it while packing:).

  • Britney

    I love Marfa! It’s two hours from my hometown and I’m going there next weekend for my birthday. And Prada Marfa will most definitely be a stop. Good ol’ TXDOT wants to take it down because it could be deemed an advertisement instead of an art installation. Um…isn’t all Prada art??

    • Jamie

      I hope TXDOT takes it down. Obviously people are too stupid to realize that it’s not a store, museum, or fashion mecca. It had become a Prada advertisement and is ruining Marfa.

  • Donna

    Just started watching your show…hilarious! My last getaway was to Vegas with two of my girlfriends…not really a weekend since I am from Georgia.

  • Alison

    I’ve always wanted to visit Texas and after watching your show it just makes me want to go more! I love your show and your blog. Congrats on all you’ve accomplished!!

  • Jocelyn

    Love your show and have been reading your blog foreva which leads to… are you going to keep with new stuff or post old blog of what you wore over a year ago? I hope to see what you wore in 2014.

  • britney

    what the hell! as an avid lurker, i’m freaking out that you were in marfa! i’ve been living in terlingua and just moved to california… if you ever make it back, go to la kiva for the “local” experience. you look fabulous, as always.

  • Michelle

    The picture looks amazing! love your style! your blog makes my day 🙂


  • Ashley Pletcher

    Looove the pics! I’m so glad you finally made it to Marfa…. and… survived their strict bicycle laws 😉

    Afternoon Espresso

  • Rho

    Hi Courtney, just watched the last two episodes back to back—love your real-world fashion sense. I didn’t watch the previous show you were part of—so I don’t have a complete idea of the Matt situation. However, he just comes off like a selfish dullard. He’s not even an interesting bad-boy type. You do deserve better. Good, successful, interesting men are out there, I know because I found one!
    The main thing that struck me on the Marfa trip was the overly aggressive police officer (sheriff?) Good Lord, being threatened with JAIL when you were not doing anything remotely criminal is frightening and I don’t blame you for tearing up. It’s even more disturbing when you consider that you were bringing positive attention as well as tourist dollars to some of the local businesses. In fact, my bff Chrissy (she lives in San Antonio. I’m in Phoenix) and I have nixed our plans to see the art installation there just because of those few creepy seconds of watching someone who in theory is supposed to protect and serve try to intimidate you.
    Anyway, looking forward to the next episode.

  • Cheri @ Overactive Blogger

    Anyone else keep like thinking that Marfa was just a funny way to say Martha? I keep giggling at that 🙂

  • Gabriel Rafael

    Great outfit, great city!

  • Janine

    I just want to tell you that I absolutely love your sense of style, and personality! And like many others, I adore your show and blog. I love fashion as well and love getting inspirations from others, especially from you. I was wondering for your next blogs, if you could highlight some of your accessories? I was reading one of your blog post, I believe it was titled ‘Christmas Cafe’ and was just in awe about the ensemble. It was flawless! I immediately noticed the feather bib from Baublebar but couldn’t really see it and I was a little disappointed because I believe (and I think you would too!) that accessories are essential to a great outfit. Nonetheless, I still love you & your blog! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Lindsay

    This post in Marfa is so stunning. And, in answer to your question, my favorite trip with girlfriends was a weekend getaway cross country skiing in northern Minnesota.

  • sasa

    soo cool! Love it<3

  • Melissa

    My husband and I took a trip to California and on our way back to Las Vegas we drove through the desert. We went through a small town of Amboy which is probably smaller than Marfa but it looked liked it (where the Prada store was located) and had the same eeriness too it. I think it’s pretty neat that it is there and my husband got a kick out of the Prada store too.


  • KatWalkSF

    Love the look and I am dying to go to Marfa! Looks absolutely fabulous!

  • Angie

    I went there in October but I was smart and flew to Midland (from Houston) and then drove to there and Big Bend. Fly next time, girlfriend. Lots of rich oil workers in and out of the airport too!

  • Sheila

    Saw you and your girls on the show visting this place out in nowhere. But those weird things are fun. My daughters and I go to Savannah, GA every year for a mother/daughter getaway where we have no responsibilities and can act weird if we want to.

  • Tara

    I wish you would post more if this is your full-time job! Love the blog but, the scattered posts are a bit disappointing :/

  • Carol

    Obsessed with the sweater you were wearing in this episode: gray (front) & hot pink (back). Must have! Where can I buy one???

    Look forward to the next episode!

    • Trina Parker

      Did you end of finding that sweater? I feel the same way about it! Love love love it!!!

  • Lynn

    Hi Courtney,

    I think you are great! Love your show and blog. My only suggestion is that not enough new stuff on the blog. Seems like only one posting a week. I go to yours first but then move to others since nothing new! Would love to see more from you!

  • Sadcorpofficegirl

    Finally a similar shirt! I have searched and searched! I love it!

  • Jill

    Court, you’re too cute! You remind me so much of a friend of mine.. so much spunk, charm, and passion.

    YOu will hopefully laugh at this… my 2 best friends and I (from college) try to get together twice a year (I live in NC, one lives in Virginia, the other in Chicago). We decided, now that we are 30, we are going to go to Charleston every year for a girls getaway. Last spring was our first attempt. We looked up the address on the iphone and were on our way. The 3 of us were too busy gabbing and singing and Bojangles eating that we never realized we drove 3 hours in the wrong direction. We don’t know how it happened but we all blame the iphone. Anyways, a 3 hour trip turned into 6 hours and we can’t help but crack up at ourselves for the mistake!! Wouldn’t have changed a single thing about it though!!!!

  • Amie

    Looooove your cute show (Can you please tell Bravo to give you an hour?) & blog! I’ve had a style crush on you since Most Eligible Dallas. I’m sure the post was a completely rhetorical question but I had the amazing opportunity to meet my best girlfriend in Tokyo for a girls weekend while she was living in Japan. Seeing Harajuku in person with your bestie is an epic experience & it will give any style obessed woman a fashgasm.

  • Lauren

    need to go there too, that is so cool. also, gimme those jeans. love ’em!

  • Meg

    Love your show, I watch it every week!!! Absolutely love your style and you definitely have inspired me to become more stylish. I am a young mother of one and you have helped me to utilize my wardrobe in the way that it deserves and to dress up more for my husband. I love the grey and pink sweater that you wore in Episode 6, just curious where you got it from?? Again, thank you for being an inspiration not only to me but thousands of other women. Keep it up!!!

    Much love

  • Charlene Schlegel

    You wore a gorgeous cream colored turtleneck sweater in the Prada episode and I fell in love with it!!!! Where can I get it??

  • Beth

    Love your show! Gotta know where you grey/hot pink cardi is from!! The one you wore packing for Marfa.

  • Michelle

    I thought I heard that the Prada Marfa might be going away? I hope not…

  • Anne

    It is like heaven in a desert, lol

  • Theresa

    Adorable! I just love that you drove 9 hours with your girlfriends to see this. What a great bond trip and I love that you’ll have this story to tell again years from now. Good for you for being adventurous!!!

  • Sarah (Art of Wellness)

    Courtney, share some of the kickass songs you include in your ipod playlists for such long journeys!

  • melody godwin

    My husband and I spent our 15th wedding anniversary in Marfa, Tx last year. We live in south AL and because of our trip there are actually thinking about moving to Marfa. We loved it – not just for Prada Marfa but for the whole Marfa experience!

  • melody godwin

    my husband and I spent our 15th wedding anniversary in Marfa, Tx. We live in AL and because of our trip to Marfa we are actually thinking of moving there. We loved the entire Marfa experience