My Partner in Crime






Dress: Chelsea Flowers; Tori Ring Sets (Available in Regular & Midi): Gorjana x Courtney Kerr, COMING SOON!; Shoes: Forever 21, old (Similar); Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Earrings: Gorjana; Lips: MAC Ruby Woo; Nails: OPI You’re Such a Budapest

We all have one:

That “go-to-bestie” that you can call on for anything….

For laughs. For fun. For a hug. For unconditional love. For support. For talking you off a ledge. For spontaneity.  For anything, really.

My bestie has been there for me on more occasions than I can recall.  She never fails, she always supports, and despite how much of a consuming handful I can be, she still always approaches me with love.

So it came down to naming all the pieces of my new Gorjana capsule collection, there was no one who deserved a shout out more…

So, Tori…these ring sets are for you.  Hope you love them as much as I love you!

PS. Don’t forget to sign up for exclusive news and early access to shop the collection HERE!


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Go With the Flow






Jacket: Nordstrom x Topshop, old (Similar); Tank: Vince, old; Skirt: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren; Shoes: Zara, old; Bag: Phillip Lim; Fancy Horn Collection Necklaces: Gorjana x Courtney Kerr (COMING SOON!); Tiered Necklace: Gorjana; Spike Ring Set: c/o Henri Bendel; Double Down Metal Ring: c/o Henri Bendel; Cut Out Cuff: c/o Henri Bendel; Earrings: Gorjana; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Nails: OPI You’re Such a Budapest; Lips: MAC Creme Cup

It seems like life lately has been a battle against myself. I schedule too many plans, and then I feel tired.  I say yes to too many projects, and then I wonder how I will have time to get it all done.

At a time that most people would consider the “prime of their life” I am feeling overwhelmed….I am wanting to fill my plate full of great opportunities and new experiences because I don’t want to have FOMO (fear of missing out, duh)….but yet I am probably short changing myself when it comes to my much needed PIT, or “personal improvement time.”

In a world where being busy is sometimes synonymous with being happy, how do y’all manage to keep your head screwed on straight when you feel deep in the trenches?

Should I just go with the flow, or start saying no?

Share your positive thoughts with me today…I am in much need of them!


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Spring Trends with Macy’s


Welcoming the crowd to Macy’s in Dallas!



Snapping pics with fans during the meet and greet after the fashion show!



Autographing an iphone case for a fan…first time for everything!



Sharing smiles and kisses with Mama Kerr in the photo booth!

Dress: INC (And currently 50% OFF!); Shoes: Zara (Love these caged booties by Nine West, too); Necklace: Gorjana, COMING SOON!; Ring: Kendra Scott, old; Knotty Pinky Ring: All the Wire; Spike Ring Set: c/o Henri Bendel; Earrings: Rory Ashton; Bracelets: Charming Charlie, old; Nails: OPI You’re Such a Budapest

I love to talk.

Like, a lot.

Give me a microphone and a group of people and I will tell stories all day long.

But give me a microphone and a group of people PLUS loads of spring looks from Macy’s? Well, in that case I probably won’t be able to shut up.

The past 2 weeks I have had the pleasure to be in Philadelphia, as well as my hometown Dallas, alongside retail partner Macy’s, to share my favorite spring trends…some of my favorites being Black & White, Print Mixing, and All White.  (And since its springtime, florals, duh.)

If you haven’t had the chance to come to either of the events, don’t worry…there are a few more cities coming over the next couple of weeks…the next being Washington DC!! On this coming Thursday, April 10 at 530pm, I will be at the Macy’s Metro Center as we kick off the Cherry Blossom Festival! Come enjoy a fashion show emceed by yours truly, cupcakes by Hello Cupcake, music, goodies bags, a meet & greet following the show, and much more! Looking forward to meeting you all!



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Jail Bait






Top: Zara (Similar t-shirt style from Nasty Gal); Skirt: c/o Milk & Honey; Shoes: Zara, old (Love these, too!); Earrings: c/o Bauble Bar x Nordstrom (Have you shopped their collaboration yet?!); Bag: c/o Stella & Dot; Spike Ring Set: c/o Henri Bendel; Knotty Pinky Ring: All the Wire; Sunnies: Ray-Ban; Nails: OPI You’re Such a Budapest; Lips: MAC Ruby Woo

You know what phrase I HATE more than anything?

“What are you up to this weekend?!”

Sometimes, when someone I don’t know that well asks me this question, I think to myself, “Ummmm, why should I tell you?!” Do y’all ever feel that way? Like, if I look at them and say,” Well, actually, I am planning on ordering chinese food, drinking a bottle of wine by myself, petting my dog, catching up on this week’s television via Amazon TV, tweezing by brows, bleaching my teeth, doing dirty laundry that’s been piling up, wearing my oldest, nappiest pajamas, and not putting an ounce of makeup on or brushing my hair,”…..will they judge me?!

Yes.  Yes, they most likely will. (Even though there is a 90% chance they are doing the EXACT SAME THING.)

So I’ve coined a new phrase…so I feel better about myself when asked this question:

I reply, “Oh, yeah know, just staying super busy….it keeps me out of trouble!”

So, basically, I am just trying to avoid jail….hence, the inmate inspired look this Friday ;)



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Oh, You Fancy, Huh?!






Dress: Nasty Gal; Heels: c/o Nine West; Earrings, Necklaces, & Cuff: Gorjana x Courtney Capsule Collection (COMING SOON!)

For over 2 years, I have been huge fans of the Gorjana brand….the dainty necklaces, the perfect gold rings, and my everyday stud earrings….the list goes on and on. (And if you are a faithful follower of my blog, then this comes to no surprise to you!) But several months ago, Gorjana, the company’s namesake & founder, and I spent a fun filled, 4 hour, beachside lunch in Laguna sipping wine and watching the waves crash into the shore (you might remember this Instagram snapshot?!)….and I can confidently say that this day took my obsession with the brand to a whole new level.  Not only was I a still a faithful fan of the brand, but I actually enjoyed the woman who inspired it all….and now, months later, would consider her a friend.

So its only natural that 2 jewelry loving, energetic, moxie-filled gals would want to milk the friendship for all its worth….and lucky for y’all, that friendship has resulted in a 21 piece collection from the 2 of us….consider it a token of our appreciation?!

The collection will launch the 2nd week of May with pieces ranging from $38-$158 and will showcase some of my all time Gorjana favorites (ummmm hello, Chloe studs, duh!) mixed with pieces that remind me of Texas (like the horn collection pictured above) plus some every day basics that Gorjana and I both put our special touches to.

But naturally I couldn’t keep this a secret until May…so every Thursday for the next 3 weeks, I will be giving y’all a special sneak peek into some of my favorite pieces from the collection….starting today with the “Fancy Horn” collection….and yes, you guessed it: It’s named appropriately after my one & only pitbull, Fancy….the fanciest gal of them all.

Ps. Gorjana & I want to make sure you all stay in the know between now and the launch date, so CLICK HERE to get on the exclusive “Courtney Loves Gorjana” mailing lists for the insider scoop, and possibly the chance to shop the collection in advance!


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Bright Mexico Sun








Dress: Nasty Gal; Shoes: DVF; Necklace: Bauble Bar; Bracelets: Charming Charlie, old; Ring: Kendra Scott, old; Friendship Bracelet: All the Wire; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, old (Similar)

That Mexico sun is BRIGHT.

And after about 24 hours of wearing 50SPF (and reapplying it on the hour, every hour!) I was toasted.  I forgot how the sun drains you and why Mexico has coined the “siesta,” because after a half day in the hot sun, I was ready for a nap!

Thank goodness I packed plenty of cover-ups that actually covered me up, like this gauze white one from Nasty Gal.  I was planning to spend 4 days in a bikini….but my overpacking (and thankfully, my aloe gel!) came to the rescue!


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A Day in Tulum







Dress: ASOS; Sandals: Zigi; Sunglasses: Tory Burch; Fedora: Target (Also love this one by J.Crew); Bikini Top: ASOS; Bikini Bottom: ASOS

The jungle, the beach, the sun, the perfect cold beverage, and 2 of my best friends….sound like a spectacular weekend? Well, it certainly was.

One of my best friends, Katie (who also runs a lifestyle blog for moms, “Dear Luca & Olivia”) recently picked up and relocated her family to Playa Del Carmen for her work. But part of the deal with her moving to another country was that my Dallas bestie, Tori, and I would agree to come visit on the regular….sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

And this weekend, we spent 4 days basking in the sun, taking in one too many cocktails, and engaging in more girl talk than I care to share! And 4 days certainly wasn’t enough…

…I’m already counting down the days till we get to do it again.

Do you have any upcoming vacations that you are looking forward to?


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Laser Cut







Top: c/o Milk & Honey; Jeans: c/o Madewell; Shoes: Forever 21, old (Similar); Clutch: c/o Stella & Dot; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Stamped Necklace: All the Wire; Floral Bib: Bauble Bar; Watch: Michael Kors; Knotty Pinky Ring: All the Wire; Midi Ring: All the Wire

A couple months ago, I spotted this top at Milk & Honey and knew I had to have it.  But there was one minor detail standing in the way: the 30 degree weather.  I snatched it up anyway and knew once the weather warmed up that I would be glad to have something new…plus, a laser cut top had been on my spring/summer shopping wishlist! And today as I pack up and head to Mexico for a relaxing weekend with my girlfriends, I felt that this top was perfect to put me in the mood for sunnier days!

Can’t wait to share even more spring & summer looks from my weekend getaway with y’ll next week!


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The Ultimate Chic Combination






Cape Blazer: Nasty Gal; Leather Pants: Topshop x Nordstrom; Tee: Hanes; Shoes: c/o Sole Society; Necklace: Bauble Bar; Pave Link Cuffs: Bauble Bar; Watch: Michael Kors; Spike Ring Set: c/o Henri Bendel; Deluxe Stacked Ring: c/o Henri Bendel; Knotty Pinky Ring: All the Wire; Earrings: Gorjana; Sunglasses: Tory Burch; Lips: MAC Ruby Woo; Nails: Orly Kiss the Bride; Fancy’s Collar & Leash: C.Wonder, old

There are a lot of combinations in this world that make me happy:

  • Red wine & steak
  • Guacamole & margaritas
  • Sun & sand
  • Sundays & rainy afternoons

But one combination that fulfills me, and undoubtedly without fail, is black and white. Its chic.  Its timeless.  Its classic.  Its idiot-proof.

Wear a black top and white pants….BOOM.  Wear a white top and black pants…BOOM.  Wear any black and white print…BOOM.  But top it all off with a black and white Sole Society shoe…PERFECTION.

I talked in my last post about what chic means to me….and ultimately, it means feeling confident in your look…no matter the weather, no matter the day, no matter the occasion, and no matter the price tag.  And over the past several years, and after many outfit failures, one chic combination that I always return to is black and white.  So clearly, these Sole Society shoes needed a home in my closet (plus, you can’t really argue with an adorable, comfortable flat that comes in less than $60, now can you?!)

Shop my favorite Sole Society black and white shoes below….and let me know what your ultimate chic oclor combo is?!


Screen Shot 2012-05-10 at 3.38.21 PM


*Although this post was sponsored by Sole Society, all opinions of the product & content are my own.

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The Right Amount of Red






Trench Vest: ASTR; Jeans: BLANKNYC; Tank:Hanes; Shoes: c/o Sole Society; Clutch: kate spade; Stamped Necklace: All the Wire; Monogram Necklace: Bauble Bar; Long Tiered Necklace: Gorjana; Rebel Pendant: c/o Stella & Dot; Watch: Michael Kors; Earrings: Gorjana; Spike  Cluster Bracelet: c/o Stella & Dot; Bar Cuff: Gorjana; Studded Cuff: Gorjana; Monogram Cuff: c/o Accessory Concierge; Spike Ring Set: c/o Henri Bendel; Knotty Pinky Ring: All the Wire; Stacked Crystal Ring: c/o Henri Bendel; Eden Ring: c/o Stella & Dot; Nails: Orly Kiss the Bride

Wearing red is not something I feel like I can do easily.  About a year ago, I shared my red hesitation in this blog post, and a year later, quite frankly, I still feel the same way.

Red screams,”LOOK AT ME! I AM SEXY! ALL EYES ON ME!”…And I’m not saying that type of attention is always negative, but sometimes wearing red lacks a chic-ness…it lacks a quality of class and can appear like you are trying too hard. But being someone that loves red, I have been trying to find other ways to add it into my wardrobe…and these Sole Society shoes have fit the bill perfectly.

When paired with the right outfit and accessories, a red shoe can change the whole dynamic of an entire outfit: An outfit can be simple and understated…take a basic black dress for example, but then when the eyes scroll to your feet….BAM…a new level of chic has arrived! And if trying new colors, like red, or new trends, like lace up booties, makes your pocketbook a little bit nervous, well, Sole Society’s $70 price tag certainly won’t!

Saving a buck AND turning heads with a showstopping red shoe?!

That’s the chicest combination, like, ever.

Ps. Shop my favorite red shoes from Sole Society by scrolling below!



Screen Shot 2012-05-10 at 3.38.21 PM

*Although this post was sponsored by Sole Society, all opinions of the product and content are my own.

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