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  • Stalk Much?!

High Fashion Home Completed “That Darn Wall!”

Living // Because no wall should be left behind.

It’s Going UP on a Tuesday!

Wearing // And I’m bringing the party.

Simple Sassiness

Wearing // And if you blink you just might miss it…

Now That’s A lot Happening In One Dress

Wearing // And it couldn’t be more perfect.

Artistry x NYFW

Pampering // Because who wouldn’t want to be backstage to see all the action?!

Its Technically Fall & My Leather Dress Proves It

Wearing // Who cares if its still 90 degrees outside?

Forget the Labor, Just Gimme the Sales

Trending // What’s a 4-day weekend without some sale shopping?

The Weekend is the Best Gift

Wearing // Let’s tie a bow on this hellish week.

Kerrently Coveting: August 2016 Beauty Drugstore Deals

Trending // Because sometimes the best products cost less than $10.

Apartment Refresh with Lulu & Georgia

Living // Giving my apartment an easy face lift with some simple updates.