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  • Stalk Much?!

Excited for Embroidery

Wearing // A blazer that LITERALLY stopped me in my tracks.

Chic Coffee Table Books

Living // This is what a fabulous bookworm looks like.

Feeling Fresh

Wearing // Keeping your whites whiter…

What’s the Hype: Beauty Mist

Pampering // Will these really refresh my groggy skin?!

Apartment Reveal: A Custom Dream Closet

Living // Like, I totally designed it myself….for me, by me!

Buy Now, Wear Now, Wear Later

Wearing // You’ll wish you had this dress…but it’ll be gone before you know it.

Nothing to Wear Except Another OTS Top

Wearing // Wear, Dry Clean, Repeat.

KERRently Coveting: July 2016 Dog Days of Summer

Trending // Here’s your once chance Fancy, don’t let me down.

Red Lips & Twirling Hips

Wearing // It’s National Lipstick Day & we are ready to pucker up!

What To Pack: Quick Weekend Getaway

Traveling // You’ve got 30 minutes to pack…..DON’T PANIC, I’ve got you covered!