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  • Stalk Much?!

White Lace x 2

Wearing // This outfit may result in seeing double.

A Girl & Her Toucan

Wearing // I did it all for the photo opp.

Summer Wedding Style

Wearing // In an outfit this perfect, a wedding date isn’t even a priority!

KERRently Coveting: Summer Sunny Staples

Trending // No trip to the beach is complete without these 5 staples!

All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go

Wearing // This dress is desperately seeking some attention.

Seriously, Don’t Touch Me!

Wearing // The only thing I want to be wearing is, well, nothing, actually.

Trending Now: Fourth of July

Trending // The most all-American holiday deserves your very best attire!

In The Kitchen: Courtney’s Secret Spaghetti Sauce

Living // This sauce recipe was privilege information….until now.

Baby Blues & Bows!

Wearing // An off-the-shoulder top with a little extra oomph!

KERRentlyOpinionated: False Eyelash Review

Pampering // Which lashes are worth batting your eyes at?!