Crystals & Color

Jacket: Zara (Similar); Dress: no name boutique find – old, (Similar); Shoes: Steve Madden – old (Similar); Colored Crystal Necklace: c/o Spike the Punch; Tiered Crystal Necklace: Spike the Punch; Colored Crystal Bracelet: c/o Spike the Punch; Watch: Michael Kors; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

So, I am totally on this flourescent neon kick right now, and my closet has never shined brighter! My heart stopped when I saw this blazer in Zara and I immediately began a mental rolodex of all the outfits I could make.  But when I got home, the silver zipper details are what threw me for a loop, and my gold jewelry didn’t mesh well with this.  So I busted out my old faithful Spike the Punch crystal necklace and anchored this jacket back to a white dress to keep the rest of the look fairly muted.  But I needed one more POC (pop of color, duh) so the purple heels added a finishing touch.  Voila!


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20 Responses to Crystals & Color

  1. Alissa Kelly says:

    I LOVE this look on you!!! I would’ve never thought to pair the purple shoes with it all – but it’s perfect!!! I’m so happy to see you posting again 😉

  2. Giovanna says:

    Such a cute look! Loving your blazer and the pop of purple!


  3. The color of that blazer is gorgeous! Love the look 😉

    <3, natasha @ twenty-something blog

  4. Once again Courtney, you did COLOR perfectly in this get up! I am so in love with how you combine your jewelry pieces with your wardrobe….And that Yellow Zara jacket…SCORE!

    My jewelry site:
    My blog:

  5. Casey says:

    Great jacket, like the unexpected color combo

  6. Lela says:

    I adore the colour – this is an outfit I would buy, like head to toe haha.

    A few days left to WIN my Vintage Tea Party giveaway!

  7. You’re so cute, Courtney! You should do a tutorial on how to do your bun! I wish mine looked that good!

  8. A little late to the party (it’s been one of those weeks) but just had to comment on the outfit…LOVE!! That jacket is beyond and grounding it with the fab neutral dress was spot on chica! Also totally appreciate how much mileage you’re getting out of those Steve Madden’s (sincerely). A girl after my own heart :) Have a great weekend…


  9. OMG! I love the way you used the complimentary colors! So unexpected!

    • Deepa says:

      The combination of these coulors is sooo azmazing!! I love the mustard jacket, definitely a good investment, I may have to look into zara jackets,I’ve never bought one. Although my blazer is my most expensive piece tooxJennaD

  10. Love all the brights together! I adore the purple and green (yellow?).


  11. Chioma says:

    Girrll that blazer is amazing! The necklace is so pretty on you! So glad i found your blog, your style is amazing :)


    • Ttaek says:

      She’s seriously going to ruinnng Vogue some day. I’m telling you.She’s a future fashion icon. Mark my words.(And again, snag me some fabulous shoes and bags from the Vogue wardrobe closet, willya?)

  12. <3 neon!

    xoxo, Caitlin Schmidt – fashion blogger

  13. Ashleigh says:

    So in love with this blazer! I missed the boat on this one, bummed. Looks great! xo

  14. Justyna says:

    I LOVE that blazer!! The cut and coulor is amazing! I totally beleive in “investing” in great pieces…Zara is usually a bit more than I like to spend too, but often I find some great pieces in their sale section!

  15. shafira says:

    nice & cool, love it …. mobil sedan corolla

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