Cross My Heart

Photos by Molly of Β A Piece of Toast

Dress: c/o Threadsence; Vest: Zara, old; Tights: SPANX; Heels; Zara, old; Crossover Cuff: c/o Gorjana; Crossover Ring: c/o Gorjana; Earrings: Gorjana (in my OpenSky Collection with the Possessionista!); Watch: Michael Kors; Twitter Handle Necklace: Bauble Bar; iPhone Case: c/o Uncommon (in my OpenSky Collection with the Possessionista!); Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Lipstick: Mac Redd


You are wearing a loud leopard dress, red lips, sky high heels, and have topped it all off with a bun. Β When it comes to accessorizing, do you A) go by the saying “the more the merrier” and put on a statement necklace and an arm full of bangles, B) think “less is more” and wear some dainty, simple gold pieces, C) skip the jewelry all together because the outfit speaks for itself, or D) none of the above.

Think you know the right answer?

Well, I hate to break it to y’all, but there’s no right answer…its actually a trick question, because all of those options could work…depending on who you ask πŸ˜‰

I was feeling particularly simple this past Sunday, and even though it was hard for me to resist piling on the medallions, I couldn’t help but pair my outfit with this adorable matching cross cuff bracelet and ring from Gorjana. (Besides, it was the Lord’s Day…and what better day to wear a cross?!?!)

So for today’s Christmas Giveaway, you can win BOTH the crossover cuff bracelet and ring by Gorjana! Follow the rafflecopter below for instructions on how to enter! (If the rafflecopter doesn’t loas, just refresh your browser!)

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  • Brittney Baehler

    Really like this look! Tighter dresses are always difficult for me, but a vest might make me a little less self conscious!

    My grandmother bought me my first real pearls in China, those are my favorite but I never wear them for fear of losing them. I just keep them on display πŸ™‚

  • Lyndsey Aaron

    I love this look! The vest is great! My most special piece of jewelry is my engagement and wedding bands! I would love to add some great Gorjana pieces to my collection πŸ™‚ Great giveaway!


  • Melissa Fielitz

    My favorite statement piece that I currently own and love is my Estate Bib necklace from Stella and Dot.

  • abby

    the most sentimental pieces of jewelry i own are ones that have been passed down to me

  • Penny Pincher Fashion

    Totally obsessed with this vest – so sad it wasn’t a current purchase! πŸ™

  • barefoot duchess

    Sexy! Love your top bun!

  • Bre

    SO MY STYLE! I wear lots of leopard + lots of black (who doesn’t?!), have a leopard phone case, love starbucks, etc.

    And I definitely pair my bold outfits with more dainty jewelry, so you’re speaking my language!

  • Alissa

    The most sentimental piece of jewelry I own would be my Grandma’s real pearl studs. I wear them all the time and each time I do, I think of her.


  • Natalie

    that leopard + vest = amazingness. and the jewelry just fits perfectly. i’d have picked “b” in your trick quiz!


  • Gracie

    what’s your trick for keeping your teeth so white?? loves leopard.

  • Abby Rose

    Any jewelry piece from my Grandmother but I rarely wear them. Would be too devastated if I lost anything!

  • Meaghan Biederman

    My Dad gave me my Tiffany “chain link” ring about 2 and a half years ago when I was going through a tough time and its a pretty simple silver band for the most part- and I wear it on my middle finger on my right hand every single day. Reminds me of him and his sweet gesture all the time. Definitely the most sentimental piece I own.

  • alisha thompson

    My fave piece of jewelry is a necklace that has my girls names, birthdays and birth stones. I wear it EVERYDAY!

  • Christina

    Love the vest! My grandmother’s costume jewlery peices are my favorite statements to wear. She loved her statement peices and passed them on to me. Always a great reminder of her πŸ™‚

  • Stephanie

    I LOVE Gorjana jewelry and would just have a fit if I won these pieces. Thank you again for another fabulous giveaway:) I think I have entered them all so far!

    And I love the leopard dress topped with the oversized vest by the way!


  • Jamie

    I’d have to say B….LOVING this look!

  • Jamie

    Oops hit publish to soon! My most sentimental piece of jewelry has to be a vintage ring from my great grandmother. We shared a birthday month and it has birthstones in it so my grandfather INSISTED that it belonged to me πŸ™‚

  • Nikki

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is my grandmother’s wedding ring, she got a new one for their 50th wedding anniversary, and passed her orignial down to me! I wear it everyday!

  • Tiffany Elam

    I don’t have any sentimental jewelry, but yellow gold is my favorite. I’m very addicted to my Michael Kors runway, though. It’s my favorite piece of jewelry!


  • Erin

    Definitely my first Yurman ring from my boyfriend of six years. I wear it every day!

    Currently Coveting

  • Lyndsey G.

    The most sentimental pieces of jewelry i own are ones that my great grandmother either made or collected. She was really into costume jewelry & i inherited most of her stuff!

  • Elizabeth Peroni

    The most sentimental piece of jewelry I have is my mom’s wedding band. It was also my grandmothers but when my parents renewed their vows, my dad got my mom a new one and the first heirloom was passed off to me! I wear it on my middle finder but it would look amazing stacked with the god crossover ring!!!

  • Sarah

    Love this topic! The main reason I love jewlery so much (aside from the obvious allure of sparkle) is because it IS so sentimental. Favorite piece is a toss up: my mothers engagement stone re-set (my father passed away when I was younger and my mother reset it as a of 25th birthday gift) or a silver and diamond band I wear on my right hand (also a gift from mom, reminding me that it is far better to wait for the RIGHT man than to settle for someone who isn’t right).

  • Sarah Rubelmann

    Love this topic! The main reason I love jewlery so much (aside from the obvious allure of sparkle) is because it IS so sentimental. Favorite piece is a toss up: my mothers engagement stone re-set (my father passed away when I was younger and my mother reset it as a of 25th birthday gift) or a silver and diamond band I wear on my right hand (also a gift from mom, reminding me that it is far better to wait for the RIGHT man than to settle for someone who isn’t right).

  • Kate

    love the simplicity of the gold ring and bracelet!

  • Brenda M.

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is a pair of pearl earrings passed down from my grandmother that I wore when I got married.

  • Kirsten

    One of my faves so far!!

  • Kirsten

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is a John Hardy ring my grandma gave me for a graduation present. We picked it out together. I wear it every day. xo

  • emily johnston

    I have a locket engraved with an E on it that’s been passed through the generations to a girl with an E name. I’m the only granddaughter with an E so I got it for my 10th birthday. It keeps me connected to my ancestors.

  • Kalli

    This is hard, I have so much sentimental jewelry from various family members! I’m going to say a set of mystic topaz earrings and rings that were my aunt’s (my dad’s big sis). She bought them after being diagnosed with a non-smoking form of lung cancer and moving down to Texas for treatment. My dad gave them to me after she passed and I always think of her spunkiness when I wear them!

  • Abbie

    My most sentimental piece of jewelery is a pair of Swarovski earrings that belonged to my grandma. She let me borrow them for my high school senior Prom and when I tried to give them back to her, she told me to just keep them. They are even more special to me since her passing. I also love my diamond cross necklace that I got for my confirmation. I cherish both pieces.

  • Carly

    The most sentimental piece of jewelry I own is my gold heart necklace that my Mimi (grandma) gave to me for my 21st birthday. She has the same one and I always told her how much I loved it and she surprised me for my birthday a couple of years ago and gave the same one to me, so we both have one now! I love it and wear it alllll the time.

  • Kristen

    the most sentimental piece of jewelry I own is a big gaudy yellow diamond ring my grandmother passed down to me. I love it!

  • Natalie

    My mom’s italian horn necklace that was recently passed down to me πŸ™‚

    Happy holidays C!

  • Alexandra

    I have been incorporating more cat into my wardrobe, mostly thanks to you! Leopard is no longer scary, love this dress! The bracelet and ring are beautiful and dainty. Perfect for layering or wearing on their own. Thanks for all the fun giveaways!

  • Betsy B

    One of my most sentimental pieces of jewelry is one from my very best friend since I was 6 years old. We have attended different colleges for a couple of years now and for my 21st birthday she gave me a Verameat gold skeleton bracelet with a letter “I am always hugging you”. Sentimental and bada

  • Taylor Schaffer

    I have several rings actually that mean a lot- a rose ring, recreated from an antique find, that my mom and I have matching, a four diamond woven ring my mom designed for my college graduation and an entirely too fancy diamond and sapphire ring that was my Grandma’s.

    We’re a big jewelry family!

  • Christine

    Nothing better than leopard on top of more leopard!<3

  • Courtney

    I am in luh-huh-huv with that ring and bracelet. I haven’t quite had the guts to pull of leopard yet, but one day when I learn how to do the perfect bun (long, super thick hair makes it hard to have a normal-sized bun), I will combine the two, and it will be magic.

  • Courtney

    Also, my most sentimental piece of jewelry is my grandmother’s pearl necklace. I got it for graduation, and when I wore it to my grandfather’s funeral, it made her so happy to see me wearing it.

  • Allison Shorr

    The most sentimental piece of jewelry is a pair of diamond earrings i got from my grandma. She passed away when i was young but we were very close. All of the granddaughters got a pair when we first got our ears pierced. I think of her every time i wear them.

  • Ashley Snow

    My wedding ring-for the obvious reasons! πŸ™‚

  • Sara

    I have a single pearl drop necklace that was from my parents that means the most to me as it was right before I graduated high school

  • brittany stone

    Gimmie gimmie gimmieeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Elizabeth

    I have my mom’s opal ring from her 16th birthday. It is very special to me.

  • Sami

    It used to be my James Avery knot ring that my parents gave me as a bday present in college but I recently lost it πŸ™ I need to replace it!

  • Natalie

    This Gorjana set is at the top of my list for items I am dying to have! Edgy and perfect for arm party stacking!

  • Catherine

    I have a silver and gold bracelet that my parents bought for me that I wear all the time. Also, my grandmother got a very dainty gold bracelet for me and I treasure it a lot since she has gotten sick.

  • Stephanie Florez

    the most sentimental jewelry piece I own is my Aggie ring. Not only studying at Texas A&M changed my life, but it was given to me as a scholarship endowment and I was so happy because I could not afford it! I am so proud of my ring πŸ™‚

  • Shannon Bradford

    My grandma passed away last year and left me her real pearl necklace. It was in a tiny bag with a piece of paper telling that it was indeed real. It’s something I’ll pass down to my little girls.

  • Tessa Polumsky

    love the dress!

  • Lauren

    The most sentimental piece of jewelry I own is a ring from my grandmother that she left for me when she died. It is gold with little opals. I wear it every single day and always get compliments but it means so much to me that she left it for me and knew I would love it.


  • Meggy

    This outfit is aces, I may have to buy that dress.

    The most sentimental piece of jewelry I own is probably a ring that my mom gave me when I was 18. 12 years later and I somehow have managed not to lose it!

  • Toccara

    This is my favorite outfit to date. It’s simple, not over the top. This is something I would wear to dinner with friends or a date. I need to learn how to do the bun!

  • @vikschaaf

    My grandma had an obsession with QVC in the 90s. She purchased TONS of costume jewelry and gold rings. Well it turns out there was a reason my grandma was buying all this jewelry. She wanted to leave each of her granddaughters and daughters with a piece of her someday. Before she passed away two months ago, she left me 4 rings (I’m going to tweet you a pic of it). Each of them has a story. The pinky ring is double hearts. She gave this to me for my 16th birthday. The ring finger one was one she bought after my brother died. It has five hearts spanning across it. She wanted me to remember the five family members I have left and never take them for granted. The middle finger ring is my birthstone. She said it was gaudy and she wanted me to remember to always have fun and be fabulous. And the index finger ring is from my grandpa to her on their first anniversary. She said she wanted me to have a piece of him also.

  • Jen Bolin

    My most sentimental pieces of jewelry is my wedding rings (engagement and bands). That’s pretty easy for me to decide. πŸ™‚
    P.S. I love Gorjana and asked for some pieces of jewelry from that collection. This ring and bracelet would go nicely with that as well!

  • Stacy K.

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is my wedding ring.

  • Rachel

    I love that gold bangle! and obsessed with the leopard print. I really don’t think it’s every inappropriate to wear leopard print!

  • Chris El

    I have two gold bangles, each passed down to me from my grandmothers who have both passed away. Very, very special.

  • Lindsay

    I think the pearl earrings that my sister gave me for Christmas several years ago are my most sentimental… Those or the pearl and black onyx earrings that my dad gave me when I went to law school.

  • Gabi

    I think I have too many to just pick one! I love my earrings and bracelet from Tiffany’s from my mom as well as my Burberry watch from my Gram, all of which I wear daily!

  • Aleksandra

    On the 2nd photo you look like Alessandra Ambrosio πŸ™‚

  • Isabel A.

    my most sentimental piece of jewelry are my diamond studs bc i was able to buy them all by myself and it just made me proud.

  • emily

    When my grandmother passed away I was left with all of her jewelry. Talk about some awesome vintage and antique pieces…. I have one pair of earrings that has six diamonds in them that are just my style. They’re very big and gaudy- but work SO well with so many outfits. They add the perfect touch… and I get to bring my grandma along with me!

  • Jennifer Hines

    Love the leopard dress!! Most sentimental piece I own hmmm I would say 3 pieces 1st my wedding band which belonged to my husbands grandma, 2nd my engagement ring and 3rd my necklace with both my daughters names and date of birth. πŸ™‚

  • lacy

    Wear a Gorjana necklace Daily…hope to win!

  • Kate Gillett

    my great aunt’s engagement/wedding ring:)

  • casey

    love love love. Tell us how to do your bun!

  • Lindsey

    Love it all and glad to find the Threadesance website!

  • Tara

    LOVE gorjana pieces! My most sentimental piece of jewelry I own is a chunky turquoise layered necklace that my grandmother bought when she lived in Austin, TX almost 25 years ago. Anything that was gifted to me, whether by family or past boyfriends, is special to me though because of the memories that go along with that piece of jewelry.

  • Karina

    My baby earings that I was able to pass to my Daugther.

  • Morgan Gunther

    My older brother gave me a diamond heart necklace when I was 4 an I still wear it daily to this day!

  • Page

    I love my hermes bracelets that were given to me by someone special! That cross bracelet would look great with them!

  • AmandaO

    My parents bought me a tennis bracelet for my 21st birthday. It’s so special and I wear it every single day.

  • Lindsay

    I have two special pieces! Two years ago I bought my sister and I identical love knot rings for Christmas and I also have an old gold watch that was my grandpas.

  • Corinne

    Oh em gee! OBSESSED!

  • Corinne

    My sentiment piece of jewelry is the necklace around my neck that I never take off. It was given to me by my grandmother, my fathers my mother. She gave me the heart necklace when I was 9 years old and I only take it off when absolutely necessary.

  • Sarah

    The most sentimental jewelry I own is the jewelry I bought myself when I was feeling sad/mad/happy etc, its like my own therapy session…who needs a man to buy them jewelry? Not me!

  • Cher

    My mother’s jewelry is the most sentimental .

  • demi

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is my wedding band. But not for the reason you may think. My sweet mom lost her battle to ovarian cancer when she was 52. I was engaged at the time, and although we all knew she would not be there for my wedding, she was able to be with me when I picked out my dress, and she wanted me to have her wedding band. My husband and I share a bond in this, as he lost his father to cancer as well and wear’s his wedding band. We wear our bands every day,not only to remind us of the love and commitment we have for each other, but to remind us of the importance of family past, present and future and to live each day to the fullest.

  • Erica

    My wedding ring, hands down.

  • Katie

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is probably my necklace. It’s the only piece of jewelry I wear every day. It was a Christmas present from my boyfriend last year.

  • Kelly

    My most special piece of jewelry is a ring my boyfriend got me 10 years ago.

  • Donna

    Love this look! I have a tendency to do a little less than more with accessories.

  • Alyssa

    The most sentimental piece of jewelry I own is a piece handed down to me from my Grandma, originally purchased in South America by my great-uncle. It’s a beautiful yellow quartz stone on a gold chain & I cherish it because it reminds me not only of my family but also of my love of traveling (since it came from so far away).



  • Erin M.

    You look great!

  • Shelby Skaggs

    I adore this whole look! It is perfection πŸ™‚ I have been coveting both of these pieces for months now, so I will be keeping my fingers crossed!
    My most sentimental piece of jewelry I own is a charm bracelet handed down to me from my mom, there are so many charms my dad bought her and even some of her moms charms were added. Its such a sweet documentation of our lives!


  • emily anne-marie

    i have a gold ring my mom got me with gold flowers that are the state flower of her home state. makes me think of her and all of her family. i love it!


  • Betina

    My favorite and most sentimental piece of jewelry is the wedding set that I received when my grandparents passed away. It was the ring my grandfather proposed to my grandmother with at the start of their over 60 years together. It reminds of them, their love, the many memories and things they taught me!

  • Emily Fogarty

    I have a drop dead gorggg ring I got when I was 18. It was my great great grandmother’s engagement ring, that was left to me by my grandmother. I wear it everyday and while I have HORRIBLE tan lines because of it, I am utterly obsessed.

  • Noelle

    I have a beautiful vintage opal ring that has been passed down through my family for a few generations now. It was given to me on my 16th birthday. Such meaning and such beauty, I am OBSESSED.

  • katie

    a silver bracelet i got in the sixth grade and still wear today!

  • Rebekah Hearn

    The most sentimental piece of jewelry I own is my mom’s wedding ring. She passed away after a 14 year battle with cancer on April 28, 2012. I know this Christmas will be a rough one since it is the first one without her, but I know she is smiling down on my from Heaven!

  • Kristin T

    My mother gave me a necklace made from my grandmothers engagement stone . I love it.

  • Christie

    I love Gorjana!!!

  • Lauren

    love everything about this outfit! and i’d absolutely LOVE to win the crossover cuff bracelet and ring by Gorjana! so gorg. my most sentimental piece of jewelry is a beautiful + small diamond necklace in the shape of a cross. my parents got it for me when i graduated from college. when i wear it, i am reminded of their support + love for me, as well as that happy time in my life. thanks, courtney!

  • Donia

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is a ring that my mom gave to me on my 18th birthday, that she received from my grandmother (her mother) on her 18th birthday. The ring was given to my Grandmother by my Grandfather as a gift. The ring is gold and has a sapphire stone and small diamonds circling the sapphire to make a flower shape.

  • Leah

    I love my Kate Spade watch that I got from my parents last year for my birthday! I wear it on the reg!

  • Suzanne White

    Love the whole look! I am plus sized, but still love some great fashion. Just need to figure out how to make it work for me.

  • Megan Myers-Bell

    My greatgrandmother was quite the fashionista. She was always accessorized to the max, and when she passed away 9 years ago, I was given her long pearl necklace. When I know that it’s going to be a tough day, I wear it and it brings me comfort.

  • Lauren Christenson

    Love this look! My favorite pieces are those passed down from my grandma, nothing fancy but I always feel as though she’s with me when I wear them.

  • Meg

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is a sapphire ring that my grandma gave me. It was a gift to her from my great grandparents, and we share the same birth stone. It is too small to wear on my finger, so I wear it on a gold chain around my neck.

  • Jesse Coulter

    It would have to be my wedding ring. I haven’t had any family jewelry passed down yet.

  • Kelsey Sowder

    I love leopard but the red and leopard combo is expected and what everyone does. I like to mix it up and wear turquoise and leopard!

    My favorite pieces of jewelry are my pearls I got for high school graduation and a bracelet that was my moms.

  • Lindsey

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is my college ring. It’s a symbol of 7 hard years that resulted in a masters degree and my dream career! At some points in time, it never seemed like I’d make it, but I did! It’s a great accomplishment and everyday I can be reminded of it!

  • Heather @ Glitter and Gloss

    I’m lucky enough to have my great grandma’s wedding band! I love it, and it’s so special to me!!

  • Courtney Gillette

    The most sentimental piece of jewelry I own is my great grandmothers ring. The ring was given to my mother as a teenager and then passed down to me when I turned 15. I wear this ring everyday and cannot wait to give it to my own daughter!

  • Jenna DeSantis

    Courtney you are stunning!! My true blogger idol πŸ™‚ Love the leopard and the red lipstick is so chic!!

    XO Jenna