Courtney Loves Dallas: Episode 1 Outfit Details

Story telling is my THING.  I love to share a good story…that is followed by an OMG moment…that is followed by a scenario that changed your life.  Well, little do y’all know, you have changed my life.

In August of 2011, “Most Eligible Dallas” premiered on Bravo.  About 3 weeks later, this blog was born.  This blog happened because of YOU.  This blog happened because y’all would ask where I got my clothes, where I shopped, what lipstick I was wearing, etc.

So, in all honesty, YOU are the reason that “Courtney Loves Dallas” happened.  You allowed me to begin my career as a blogger.  You allowed me quit my job in retail and go out on a limb.  So, in a weird, twisted, way, you are my investors.  You are my customers who keep my business afloat.

So….Thank you.

Thank you for reminding me why I love getting dressed every damn morning.  Thank you for encouraging me when I feel like the only people that read my blog are my mom and my best friends.  And thank you for telling me when an outfit doesn’t work….Hey, we all have off days, right?!

And for those of you that are new readers of What Courtney Wore, my only goal here is to post what I love.  I share with y’all what inspires me and what get me excited.  And if you don’t like it, then read another blog….because this blog is a love letter to the people who don’t give a damn, and who are willing to mix leopard and camo together for the first time (even though I think y’all hated it), and who get dressed for themselves every morning…because really, at the end of the day, you are the only one who has to like your own reflection in the mirror….and as long as your outfit makes you smile, well, then, hell….a smile is way prettier than a frown, right?!

Oh, and after much anticipation…here are a couple screenshots and outfit details from this week’s episode of “Courtney Loves Dallas.”  These will be coming your way every Friday after the show…but since the website has been down since 9:01pm on Thursday, the wait was a little longer 😉

PS. 2 of my best friends, and cast members of “Courtney Loves Dallas” have websites, too! Be sure you follow Thais’ clothing boutique, Rio Ritz, and Tori’s jewelry store, All the Wire!

PPS.  And to see my recap of this week’s episode, along with never before seen footage of “Courtney Loves Dallas,” visit the show’s homepage HERE!

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 12.36.00 PM

Dress: Vintage find (Similar by French Connection); Heels: ShoeMint, old; Chain Link Necklace: Bauble Bar; Crystal Necklace: Bauble Bar, old (Similar); Bangles: Kendra Scott; Earrings: Gorjana; Lips: Nars Dragon Girl

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 11.43.19 AM

Necklace: Maya Brenner


Top: Wildfox, old (Here is cream long sleeve version from Shopbop and navy long sleeve version from ASOS.); Bangles: Charming Charlie; Watch: Michael Kors; Lips: Nars Dragon Girl; Nails: Orly Kiss the Bride

101 Sushi Axiom

Dress: H&M, old; Tights: SPANX; Shoes: Christian Louboutin; Earrings: Gorjana; Twitter Handle Necklace: Bauble Bar


Photo taken by Molly Miller of A Piece of Toast

For outfit details, visit this past blog post HERE.


Photo taken by Molly Miller of A Piece of Toast

For outfit details, visit this past blog post HERE.


Photo taken by Molly Miller of A Piece of Toast

For outfit details, visit this past blog post HERE.


Photo taken by Molly Miller of A Piece of Toast

For outfit details, visit this past blog post HERE.


Top: J.Crew, old: Leather Shorts: H&M, old (Shop leather shorts HERE); Belt: J.Crew; Yellow Ring (not pictured): Kendra Scott, old (Shop all Kendra Scott rings HERE); Watch: Michael Kors; Nails: OPI Big Apple Red


Photo taken by Molly Miller of A Piece of Toast

For outfit details, visit this past blog post HERE.


Screen Shot 2012-05-10 at 3.38.21 PM

  • Ashley

    Congrats on episode 1, Courtney! 🙂


  • Erika

    Hi Courtney. What kind of watch do u wear?

  • Courtney Allen

    Loved episode one and love your style! Could you tell us where you got the cat sweater from? SO CUTE!

  • colleen laquay urbaniuk

    love the show and the blog! can’t wait to see what happens this season…congrats!!!

  • Alli Bramlet.

    Perfection! Best wishes to you!

  • Morgan

    In the first episode you were putting outfits together and there was a pink and black checkered shirt you put under a black dress…..where is that shirt from????? I need it!

  • Cassidy


    I just watched your first episode of Courtney Loves Dallas and I think you’re hilarious, gorgeous and driven. Removing things (and people) that no longer serve you, and making your dreams your reality is INSPIRING. Whatever comes, let it come, whatever goes, let it go. Keep doing what you love, and the rest will fall into place. And for the energy vampires, just send them love and keep your head up. You’re makin moves girl!!

    Sending MUCHO love and positive vibes from Southern California 🙂

  • Alyssa

    Obsessed with the show! Made me go on a major shopping spree including my first visit to the Bauble Bar website!

  • Stacie

    Congrats on episode 1. I always watched Most Elligible Dallas and I loved your style. Can’t wait for more episodes and I love your blog by the way.

  • Michelle

    Loved the 1st episode. Loved all the outfits !


  • Ali

    Love! I want these red gloves! Link won’t connect but I’m sure I can google and find some. Question when you say “old”… you mean vintage, right? 😉 lol

    • Ale

      I am pretty sure she means not this season (and therefore not in stores anymore) then links to something similar.

  • Kimberly Lightfoot

    I loved the show and LOVE your blog!! Your style is perfection and you are GORGEOUS!!

  • Rebekah

    Loved the show and your blog!! Awesome inspiration! Thank you!!

  • Angie Hines

    I could so be your partner in crime!! Love, love, love your show! You deserve it!!

  • Natasha

    I am a huge fan of not only your style, but YOU! As a fellow single career minded 31 year old who loves fashion, you inspire and encourage me by finding the silver lining when things aren’t exactly as you would like- all while looking fiercely fabulous! Cheers!!

  • Tiffany

    Courtney! There are no words to say how much I love your show (CLD and MED). I’ve been such a huge fan since the very first episode of MED. Your brutal, hilarious honesty is incredibly refreshing. Thank you for staying true to yourself in all situations. Thank you making no apologies for being how you are. Thank you for calling your haters out and politely telling them to f-off if they don’t like what they are seeing/reading/hearing. Thank you for sharing your uninhibited, bigger than life personality and fashion sense for the world to see. As a fellow “holyshitI’mthirtyandsinglebutwhatevercauseI’malsoprettydamnamazingandIrefusetosettleforanythinglessthanbutterflies” kinda girl I am so thankful to be able to see another woman out there who is exactly like me. There are many days when my sweet girlfriends and families remind me of how different I am than them and unintentionally make me feel like I’m doing something wrong here (with my own brutal honesty that I make no apologies for and my “eggs” that are “drying” up before their very eyes and my poor future) and then I see your show, or read your blog, or see a instagram photo you post and I’m reminded that there are in fact other women out there just like me….and that quite frankly, we are GEMS. Thank you for allowing all of us into your home, into your personal life, into your biggest triumphs, and worst heart breaks. Thank you for just being YOU (even when the cameras are rolling)!!! I sure as hell could never do that, but I am so glad you have! Thank you for reminding me how hilarious it is and how good it feels to be the biggest, most honest, most opinionated, most outspoken, and most loving southern belle “bitch” there maybe ever was. (Obvi, neither one of us is a bitch–that’s just happens to occasionally be the word of choice for the previously descibed personality type–as I know you’re aware). Thank you for being a TRUE representation of REALITY TV and for making me laugh til I cry (and occasionally cry til I laugh) while watching!!. Hoping to see you on the TV for many, many more seasons. Wishing all the success and happiness and love in the world to ya, because after all, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US DESERVES IT. xoxo

  • Possessionista

    Hey ya big jerk, what about the orange dress and the studded sweater. Love you.

  • Sofia


    You are fabulous! You are an inspiration to every fashion blogger to follow their dreams and to continue blogging. I am so glad that you are sharing your fashion talent on TV and making us laugh along the way. Watched your show the other day and I’m a huge fan now, so funny! Stay fab!


  • Erin Brown

    Hey girl hey!

    I loved the first episode of KLD! I appreciate your sense of style and how you effortlessly mix high and low. Can’t wait to see what else unfolds this season!

    -erin b.

    • Erin Brown

      Uh, duh! Totally meant CLD. I was nervous, ok! Love your blog and your show, nevertheless 🙂

      -erin b.

  • Pip Addis

    I am watching your show right now and love your blog! You have great style and best of luck! Enjoy your week!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  • Jessica W

    Love you and your show!! Please let us know where your friend, Tori, got her black lace shorts! Thanks. xxx

  • I Showed Up In Boots

    Congratulations on your success, Courtney! I live in Mexico and have not been able to see your show, but I sure do LOVE your blog!

  • Kelcie

    I love the camo/leopard combo you did. You’re the type of person that can pull off anything.

  • Christine Henson

    Amen! Loved episode 1 and love all your fashion philosophies!

  • Chels

    LOVE that H & M dress on you!! Can’t wait to watch this week!

  • Teryn

    LOVE the show Courtney! I’ve been following you (sounds creepy:) since Most Eligible Dallas and absolutely adore you! KEEP GOING GIRL!!

  • She Rocks Fitness

    I missed the first episode, but cannot wait to see this weeks and just stumbled upon your blog yesterday and spent a decent amount of time snooping around. LOVE and I am actually in the market for some leopard heels…And I LOVE camo…Stay warm today…where is that darn Texas sun!!!

  • Kalli

    I’ve been following you on this blog and various social media outlets since MED and I’m so excited that your new show is on the air! I love your honesty and sense of fun, and above all, your style and philosophy about it! You were truly my main inspiration to start my own blog and share my passion with my friends and beyond. Since then, I have convinced many people about how “leopard is a neutral”! And best of all, you’re from Texas!!! (p.s. come down to San Antonio, we have the best Tex-Mex in the state!)

  • Toi Brister

    I am so excied about the show! I was just talking to my friend last nite about when most eligible dallas came on I went searching for you because I love your style. I didn’t find much but I kept saying she needs her own show . When the previews of your new show came on I knew I had to watch and of course I looked you up again and found this website!!!!! After watching the first show I was able to relate to you. Being a 32 yr old woman living in Mansfield Texas it is very hard to find a really good guy. My friends are the same they voice there opinions and I hear them but I am forever hopeful he will come. You are inspiration to me to get the wheels moving on something I have been thinking about doing (and friends been telling) for awhile now. May God bless you because there are many great things to come.

  • Amanda Elizabeth

    That black dress is amazing on you! Ordered that Nars Dragon girl…it’s amazing! Love your show Courtney congrats!!!!

    Meet @ the Barre

  • Jennifer

    Courtney !

    Love your show – so glad that you are showing off the BIG D!!! Quick Question – where did you guys go for brunch – it looked awesome and living here – I always want new brunch places for the weekend!!!

    Thanks for all you do!


  • elizabeth

    I think your fun and wild and nuts……so much fun to watch, but I cant help but wonder why you focus on those who take cheap shots-girl look at G PALTROW-why is there such hate for her? who knows and who cares-advice from a far-keep being fun, wild and crazy dont respond to rude instagram about your legs or about your funky style-none of us that like you even recognize that crap-you should not either-girl dont give the haters power-silence is more powerful than anything else-oh and this love letter of yours-well some people find it hard to be happy for those in love-so when they post something obnoxious give them no power-cheers e

  • Katie White

    I’m new to your blog, but I know who you are from Most Eligible Dallas. I currently reside in Wichita Falls, Texas but are about to move to GA! I love Dallas too though and I have enjoyed our few years in Texas. I think you seem very sweet and I love your style blog. And FYI you seem way too good for that Matt guy :-). Best wishes to you!

  • Freddie

    Durring the first episode your blonde friend came over and brought you that turquoise fringe necklace where can we get it? I need that in my life!

  • Thais Moses

    I love everything about this post & all these sweet comments make me tear up. Can’t believe how far you’ve come, so proud of you! And no, I have not been drinking. 🙂

    xoxo Sissy T-Money

  • Monica

    The little LBD with the cat on the front – where was that from?

  • Megan Q

    Hey Court!

    Loveeeeed the first episode (just wish it was a full hour!) Your fashion, hair, and makeup are always on point. It also doesn’t hurt that I totally dig your candid sense of humor and DGAF attitude. Congrats and keep up the glam!


  • Stephanie

    Cheese and Rice … love the show!! I could watch the reruns over and over. Love the hair, love the make up and love the clothes. I will be watching the show and reading the blog every week for sure.

  • Ricky

    Love u baby I’m latino and I want to meet you

  • Keila

    Where is the fur vest?! I must have it!

  • Allison Kaiser


    Please follow my blog…. Similar blog to yours, I want to find out how you got so much traction through your blog ,


  • Sheree

    Love your show! I am the fashionista of my group at 55. It keeps rockin’ girl! Look forward to the future episodes.

  • Amber Montgomery


    First of all, you are absolutely fabulous. I loved you on Most Eligible Dallas and I’m super excited now that you have your own show. I think you have a wonderful personality and I agree your dance moves are SICK. Will you post your brunch outfit…flower pants and tres cool sweater. Can’t wait for the next episode!!

  • Jess

    Heyyyy Courtney! BIG FAN! Also from Dallas, just wanted to know if u could tell us the cute small place u and ur friends enjoyed mimosas for breakfast? Plz share!
    Can’t wait to see the rest if the season!

  • Melissa

    Hi Courtney,

    Congrats on your show!

    I was wondering where did you get an outfit on the trailer for your show. It’s the one with the fur vest, black skirt and black tights and I think you wore it with a white top?

    Is there anywhere else to find a similar dress like the white ruffle dress that you got from a boutique. The link from the web site has been sold out.

    Also, anywhere else for the over the knee boots like the ones from Milk n honey because they are sold out too.


  • jlp

    Love your show. What kind of spray tan do you use?


  • Meg

    All of your new posts keep disappearing! Every time I come to the site this is the post I see

  • Rella

    So I am looking for a dress Courtney wore in I believe episode 8 season 1 where she was getting ready before her television debut and in bedroom with assistant and from whatninrecall was a dark blue dress with dolman like sleeves, knee length. She was in closet while wearing it and made comment about doesnt deal with sad feelings well while walking in. Cant find anywhere!!!!