A Note from Courtney

Thanks for stopping by my style diary, “What Courtney Wore!” The primary goal for this blog is for my readers, fans, and followers to see where I’ve been, what I’m loving, and of course, what I’m wearing along the way!  If there is ever any content that you would like to see on WCW, please feel free to contact me directly.

Speaking of content….I strictly blog about things I love.  If I don’t love it, I won’t attach my name to it.  I’ll be the first to admit that one of the coolest job perks I have is that sometimes designers and brands send me free products and gifts…and if I like it,  sometimes I blog about it. Other times, people cut me a check to endorse their products…but once again, IF I DONT 100% LOVE SOMETHING, then it will never appear on the pages of “What Courtney Wore” and you will never hear me speak of it.  Please note that when I do choose to feature a gifted item on this blog, it will be mentioned with “c/o.”

BUT DID YOU KNOW THAT BY READING MY BLOG THERE ARE PERKS FOR YOU TOO?! Designers and brands know how loyal y’all are to reading WCW, so every once in a while, not only will they send me something, but they will double the fun and ask me to share the love with y’all!  How cool is that?! So the more faithfully you follow “What Courtney Wore,” the more chances and opportunities you have to win some pretty fabulous swag! In the event that I am hosting a giveaway on WCW, a random email generator or rafflecopter will be used to determine the winner.

Thanks again for following my blog, and ENJOY!



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